Hosting Audit:

Your website, development site, backup sites and staging sites need a home, this is called a server and the process is referred to as “hosting”.  Essentially, this set of servers is designed to host all of the files, databases, etc for your websites. It’s like a parking lot for your car that comes with a security guard.  Technically your website needs more than a parking lot and security guard. It needs a full team of analysts and mechanics to constantly perform audits, tuneups and repairs. You will learn more about this in the Website Maintenance Plan section below.

Reference Links:

Check all that apply to your business today – meaning, these exist or are valid today.

  • You have a backup server with daily keep and hold backups (not replace)
  • You have a dev or staging server for regular maintenance and refresh
  • You have a live site server
  • You have a CDN – Content Delivery Network
  • Your website is Secure (https://) with an SSL Certificate
  • Site search – all searches reroute to google’s preferred secure URL structure
  • You have a 301 Redirect (request from Domain Registrar)
  • Live site set to Index and Follow (/robots.txt file)