Website Refresh Audit:

In today’s rapidly advancing technology world, with consumers adaptation of new technologies businesses need to keep up just as they do as consumers. Unfortunately, when new technologies emerge, old technologies are retired.  Ultimately this means your website, the associated technologies within your website, the connected technologies to your website all will eventually fail and need replaced. At this point you are looking at an 12 – 24 month life cycle for any piece of technology before performance starts deteriorating and it should be retired and replaced. As long as your web company is part of the emerging technologies and is structured to facilitate this change, having your team of experts who know and maintain your website and are responsible for your marketing performance retire and replace your website is the best course of action.  This is called a Refresh Plan (or insurance), whereas, you have a monthly investment that is always focused on the development of the newest technologies and in the forefront ready to adopt the newest requirements.

Last Year your Website was Redeveloped: ______________

Frequency of Website Changeouts: ___________________

Check all that apply to your business today – meaning, these exist or are valid today.

  • You are on a Refresh Plan (you website gets replaced every 24 months or when required because of significant technology/compliance changes).
  • Your website has been refreshed since Mobile First Initiative was launched July 2018.