Website Tech Maintenance & Security

Program Includes:

  • Create Staging Site on Dev Server Environment – Clone of website.
  • Initiate Daily Backups of Website on Backup Server Environment
  • Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Security Scans
  • Server/Site Performance Report
  • Help Desk Support for Break Fixes and Questions
  • Provide Client with a Link to Login (recommend placing at footer of website), logins and passwords to their CMS editor account.
  • Training Videos (your website CMS tutorials are located in the Knowledgebase).
  • Website Hosting
    • There are significant options for Hosting, however, most companies do not realize that your hosting company can make or break you.  Especially since search engines heavily weight server performance. It does no good to invest money into a powerful website and marketing and park it in a cheap, poor quality server.  WP Engine is the best server company for WordPress websites, going through an agency like CI Web Group will bundle your hosting into the full package including Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Daily Backups and Support starting at $100 monthly – realizing agency discounts, comprehensive management and support.
  • Website Maintenance, Backups & Security
    • Maintenance must be done monthly on both your website and your server to ensure peak performance and to resolve common issues which will occur as many different technologies are updated at various times causing regular issues.  Maintenance should include.
  • WordPress Plugin Updates and Replacement upon Fail
  • WordPress Core Updates and Fixes
  • MySQL Database Compressions
  • 3rd Party App Connectivity, Integration, API Updates and Configuration Changes
  • Database and Files Backups
  • Security Scans and Patches of Vulnerable Software

Refresh Plan (Insurance)

Every company who is investing in digital marketing should be on a refresh plan.  Essentially for a small monthly fee (starts at $100 a month) you are protected when there are major security issues, technology changes or significant updates to Google’s requirements or your CMS structure.  Experts agree that a company website should be redesigned every 2-3 years to keep it fresh and up to date with the latest technology. Essentially with a refresh plan, you are guaranteed to get a new website every 2 years, or if a major change or significant event warrants it without having another huge cash investment.  The significant event happening right now is the Mobile First initiative… whereas, all of our clients are receiving a new website – regardless of when their refresh date is.

Website Administrator | Website Manager Plan

Getting a new website designed a developed is a project while managing and further enhancing a website over time after the site goes live is a process that requires resources.  You can absolutely manage this process in-house through your content management system or you can outsource this work to professionals who manage websites for a living. Website administration is the process of maintaining a website. This process is done by the website administrator. Website administrators are responsible for running the site after completion. Tasks in maintaining a functional website may include any of the following:

  • Content Changes
  • Content Additions
  • Slider Changes
  • Promotion Chang-outs
  • Making Basic Layout Changes
  • Adding, Removing and Changing Photos, Photo Galleries
  • Adding or Changing Out Videos
  • Website Administration Plan Options:
  • Hourly Plan (One Time Investment): Buy Hours
  • Hourly Plan (Monthly Investment with Rollover Hours): Subscribe to Plan
  • When it comes to managing a live website – businesses have to choose:
  • Do you want to spend time or money?
  • As long as your website is built on a content management system you can absolutely manage and administer your own website – you will most likely just want to outsource the technical administration of your website and server – referred to as a Hosting and Maintenance Plan.
    • Tech Plan: Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Updates and Support Plan – Subscribe to Plan
    • Comprehensive Tech Plan 
    • Hosting & Maintenance: $100 Mo
    • Refresh Plan: $100 Mo.
    • Web Admin Fee: $75 Mo.
    • Email Hosting: $15 Mo (per user investments)
    • Total Investment: $300 Month

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